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With NBA BOX, your fandom for basketball goes beyond mere cheering!
Now is the time for you to create extraordinary moments
in this virtual realm of the NBA!

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NBA BOX is a VR basketball game officially licensed by the NBA.

Developed based on real basketball games, NBA BOX provides its users with an authentic and competitive NBA gaming experience.

In the NBA BOX game, you will enjoy the thrill of shooting in a 3 point contest.
Your scores will be uploaded in real time to a leaderboard, which allows you to compete against other top players.

NBA BOX delivers the ultimate fusion of innovation by combining the power of Web2 and Web3 technologies. This groundbreaking feature enables you to take a virtual trip to a stadium and cheer for your favorite NBA team.

You are also invited to the next level interactive gameplay collect virtual player cards and enhance your game experience with blockchain technology.

Through NBA BOX, you will glimpse the future of sports entertainment.

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